HackEbola (with Data!)

November 3, 2014

HackEbola (with Data!)

Statistics without Borders and other humanitarian organizations have been

consolidating data on West Africa in hopes of better understanding the Ebola

epidemic, and they need data scientists of all kinds to discover patterns

relating to the spread of the epidemic.  

HackEbola is a data hackathon to address this important need.

What: You'll be provided timeseries of Ebola cases, as well as a large amount

of structured information about various regions.  The goal is not only to be

able to predict cases, but to also determine what factors are important for

good prediction (and ideally actionable!).

Where: Northwest Building, Harvard (52 Oxford Street)

Important Dates:

* Nov. 17: Data made available

* Nov. 21, 5pm: Kickoff

* Nov. 23, 4pm: Closing of the hackathon

(but the analysis can continue!)

Sign up

You can have a team in mind or form one at the event.  Everyone is welcome, so

feel free to forward to your friends.